Spa-ing becomes cottage industry
When in cottage country we tend to stick largely to the most common of ways to unwind and relax - boating, fishing, canoeing, golfing, or simply sitting on the dock with a great book and a tantalizingly cool beverage.
For those seeking something much more fast-track to relaxation, we have learned that a number of spa's in the Canadian north country, particularly the famed Muskoka region, offer a quick trip to the spa life. ( Kurt and Goldie helicopter in to live here in the summer months as do many other famous Hollywood types) In fact, spa-ing as we all know it's called, has in recent times become as much a part of the cottage country experience as a round of golf or a quite paddle around the lake.
This does not surprise Carrinna MacConnell, president of Ambra Health and Beauty Spas and one of the first spa operators of the Muskoka region. Her company now runs highly popular spas in three of the Delta Hotels Muskoka resorts - the Sherwood Inn, Rocky Crest and Grandview Resort.
MacConnell, who used to work in spas on cruise-ships had always believed that spas belonged in the Muskoka region along-side tourism. Now, with some fifteen years of experience in cottage country, MacConnell also serves as a consultant on new spa facilities one of which slated for Casino Rama's new hotel complex opening nearby Orillia, Ontario. She see's nothing but more and more growth in the cottage country for spas, with most major hoteliers and resorts opening up new spa facilities each year.
The spas of cottage country draw from a wide range of clientele, catering to mostly women seeking health, beauty and pampering, but spas are increasingly attracting men as well. Some visit spa resorts purely for the destination experience, while others might indulge in a couple of spa treatments as part of the overall resort package.
As the trend continues to grow, with more and more people seeking different ways to relax while away from it all, it seems that cottage country all over North America is fast becoming 'spa country' too.
There may very well be a perfect opportunity for experienced spa operators to extend their reach to a 'cottage spa business' too.

Written with excerpts from Toronto Star Newspaper, Saturday,
July 20, 2002 "The Wellness File" by Kathy English.

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